A Comprehensive Analysis of Vehicle Purchasing Trends in Ireland

Discover Ireland’s top vehicle trends and licensing statistics in this article. Explore the rankings of new vehicles and licensed vehicles across the country.

Navigating the Automotive Landscape Vehicle Purchasing Trends in Ireland

Positioned in the heart of Portlaoise, Co Laois, Laois Auto Care Ltd. stands as the premier destination for vehicle diagnostics and repair. In our pursuit of understanding Ireland’s automotive dynamics, we delve into the latest statistical insights, shedding light on the preferences shaping the local driving experience.

Leading the Pack: A Brand Overview

In the competitive automotive domain, certain brands command attention. As per the authoritative data from stats.beepbeep.ie, TOYOTA emerges as the frontrunner with a commanding 27.09% market share. VOLKSWAGEN follows closely at 21.93%, with HYUNDAI securing a notable 19.34%. This data reflects the prevalent automotive landscape traversed by the community in Portlaoise.

Model Prowess: Unveiling Top Choices

A closer examination of passenger car models reveals the discerning tastes of Irish motorists. The HYUNDAI TUCSON claims the spotlight with an 8.59% market share, a testament to its enduring popularity. Noteworthy contenders include the KIA SPORTAGE, TOYOTA COROLLA, and the innovative VOLKSWAGEN ID.4, all making their mark on the roads of Portlaoise.

Segment Dynamics: Tailoring Options to Diverse Needs

Diversity in automotive preferences is apparent through the segmentation of vehicles. The Medium SUV (D3) category leads with an impressive 34.75% market share, closely followed by the Small SUV (C3) and Small Standard (C1) segments. At Laois Auto Care Ltd., our commitment to offering a varied selection aligns seamlessly with the dynamic needs of our clientele.

Color Palette: Reflecting Personal Style

Beyond transportation, vehicles serve as expressions of personal style. Grey emerges as the dominant color in 2023, claiming a substantial 40.18% share. Portlaoise roads boast a colorful spectrum, featuring classic Black, elegant White/Ivory, vibrant Red/Maroon, and the environmentally conscious Electric vehicles.

Transmission Preferences: The Shift between Automatic and Manual

In the ongoing debate between automatic and manual transmissions, Portlaoise residents lean toward the former, constituting an impressive 63.69% of the market. Laois Auto Care Ltd., equipped with expertise in vehicle diagnostics, ensures that both automatic and manual transmissions are meticulously maintained for an optimal driving experience.


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