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Don’t let faulty EGR or AdBlue systems compromise your vehicle’s performance. Contact Laois Auto Care Ltd. now to schedule your upgrade and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient drive.

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Your Go-To Experts for EGR/AdBlue Upgrades in Co Laois!

Welcome to Laois Auto Care Ltd. – Your Go-To Experts for EGR/AdBlue Upgrades in Co Laois!

Is your vehicle facing issues with exhaust gas recirculation or AdBlue systems? At Laois Auto Care Ltd., we specialize in upgrading EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and AdBlue systems to improve your vehicle’s performance, reduce emissions, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Why Upgrade Your EGR/AdBlue System with Us?

Improved Performance: Our upgrades help restore and enhance your vehicle’s power and efficiency.
Lower Emissions: Reduce harmful NOx emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment.
Fuel Savings: Experience better fuel economy with optimized EGR and AdBlue systems.
Reliability: Prevent costly breakdowns and repairs with our high-quality upgrades.
Professional Service: Benefit from the expertise of our certified technicians who provide top-notch service and support.

Our Upgrade Process:

Diagnosis: We conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of your current EGR and AdBlue systems to identify any issues.
Upgrade: Our technicians use advanced technology to upgrade your systems to the latest standards.
Validation: We perform rigorous testing to ensure your vehicle meets all performance and emission standards.
Support: Enjoy ongoing support and maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
Upgrade Your EGR/AdBlue System Today!

“Don’t let faulty EGR or AdBlue systems compromise your vehicle’s performance”.

Fill out our online form to book your EGR/AdBlue upgrade appointment today. Experience the Laois Auto Care Ltd. difference and drive smarter, greener, and better!

The Cost?

€200 – €250 per vehicle.

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