Autocar’s Screenwash Test Results: What to Look for in a Screenwash Brand

What is the best screenwash for my car?

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Autocar’s Screenwash Test Results

What’s the difference between screenwash brands?

– Screenwash has two important functions: cleaning your windscreen and preventing freezing in colder weather
– Autocar tested ten popular screenwash brands in concentrated form

The Results

1. Prestone Extreme Performance Concentrated Screenwash (5l) – 5/5 rating, best overall
2. AA All-Season Screenwash Tablets (x8) – 4/5 rating, great value but limited temperature protection
3. Halfords -10 Concentrate Screenwash (2l) – 4/5 rating, good protection in cold weather
4. DriveTec Rain Repellant Screen Wash (5l) – 4/5 rating, best value and includes rain repellant
5. Auto Glym Ultimate Screenwash (500ml) – 4/5 rating, expensive and highly concentrated
6. TripleQX All Seasons Concentrated Screenwash (5l) – 3/5 rating, affordable but doesn’t clean well and unknown temperature protection
7. Holts Professional Concentrated Screenwash (5l) – 3/5 rating, lackluster performance and unknown temperature protection
8. Carplan All Seasons Concentrate (2.5l) – 2/5 rating, mediocre cleaning ability and price doesn’t match performance
9. No Nonsense Concentrated Screenwash (5l) – 2/5 rating, disappointing cleaning performance and not as budget-friendly as claimed
10. Unbranded screenwash tablets (x20) – 1/5 rating, no sub-zero protection, worst cleaning results

The Takeaway

When it comes to screenwash, not all brands are created equal. Autocar’s test results show that while some brands offer excellent cleaning performance and protection in colder temperatures, others fall short. The top performer in the test was the Prestone Extreme Performance Concentrated Screenwash, offering a streak-free clean and excellent protection in even the harshest winters. On the other hand, the unbranded screenwash tablets proved to be the worst choice, with poor cleaning results and no sub-zero temperature protection. So, next time you’re buying screenwash, it might be worth investing in a more reputable brand to ensure a clear and frost-free windshield.
Original article:https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-product-tests/what-best-screenwash-my-car

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