Best Affordable Small Vans of 2024

Best small vans 2024
Looking for a practical, budget-friendly, and cost-effective way to transport your goods?. In this article, we present our top 10 picks for the best low-cost vans.

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Best Affordable Small Vans of 2024

Looking for a practical, budget-friendly, and cost-effective way to transport your goods? Look no further than small vans. These compact workhorses offer a car-like driving experience, excellent versatility, and minimal running costs. In this article, we present our top 10 picks for the best low-cost load-carrying small vans in 2024.

Shapes and Sizes

Small vans are the epitome of efficiency, featuring a two-box layout with a cab at the front and a spacious load area at the back. While they were once quite basic, today’s small vans often share platforms with cars and come equipped with a wide array of technological advancements and driver comforts. Our team has rigorously tested every small van available in the UK market to compile this list of the finest small vans currently for sale.

Common Features

The leading names in the small van category, including the Citroen Berlingo Van, Ford Transit Connect, and VW Caddy, adhere to a common design formula. Typically, these vans sport a single sliding side door (with an optional second door) and barn doors at the rear, usually in a 60:40 split (though some offer a top-hinged tailgate alternative). Many small vans incorporate a steel bulkhead to separate the cargo area from the passenger compartment, although some may offer it as an optional feature. Additionally, ply lining for the load area is a frequently chosen extra during the ordering process.

Variety in Size

Small vans generally come in at least two different body lengths, although high-roof variants are less prevalent, and conversions are nearly nonexistent. Crew vans, on the other hand, typically feature a basic folding bulkhead and an integrated second row of seats. Designed primarily for work-related transportation, these vans’ sliding side doors typically lack glass unless added as an option. However, it’s worth noting that many top-tier small vans are also available as MPVs, making them more suitable for family use.

Drive Configurations

The majority of small vans utilize front-wheel drive. However, some commercial vehicles offer optional off-road packages, including switchable traction control and all-season tires for added grip. For those in need of four-wheel drive, there’s the option of a commercial 4×4. These vehicles, based on SUVs, feature blacked-out windows, stripped-out rear seats, and a flat, elongated cargo area. They bridge the gap between a small van and a pickup truck, offering nearly as much cargo space and security as a small van, combined with off-road capabilities akin to a pickup, though not quite matching the payload capacity.

Fuel Choices

Diesel remains the primary fuel choice for small vans. While there are a few petrol-powered options available, electric versions are gaining prominence, particularly for short urban delivery routes, zero-emission operation, and last-mile transport. Electric small vans often provide sufficient driving range for a day’s work at low speeds.

In conclusion, small vans offer an array of choices for businesses and individuals seeking practicality, affordability, and efficiency in their transportation needs.

Source: [Best small vans to buy 2024 by Ryan Birch, published on 3rd January 2024]

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