How to keep your campervan in top condition for 2023

How to keep your campervan in top condition

How to keep your campervan in top condition.

If you’re the owner of a Campervan, Caravan, etc., you will want to pay attention regarding important preventative maintenance routines to keep your vehicle running smoothly in 2023.

It’s not that unexpected things won’t happen, but by routinely caring for your vehicle, you’ll find trips to be more about having fun instead of having to deal with problems. Depending on where you’re traveling, parts and services are not all easily accessible, and you might have to deal with unfamiliar towns and garages.

Seven point campervan maintenance checklist Let’s take a look at the main highlights you want to be sure to include in your checklist:


  • Check all the fluids regularly such as, oil, wiper, brake, power-steering, transmission and windshield washer.

  • Tyres should be checked before every trip (look for cracks, cuts, bulges, thread, air.

  • Check air filters routinely.

  • Wipers should be changed every six months if you are on the road routinely and every year otherwise wipers become brittle and won’t do their job properly.

  • Many campervans have dual-batteries. Extend the life of your batteries by properly recharging. Check your batteries before each trip for leakage or crystallization, which may mean there is an issue.

  • Radiator coolant should be checked before every trip. Antifreeze helps your campervan in cold and hot temperatures.

  • All hoses and clamps should be checked for any damage. Such as, cracks, breaks and leaks on a regular basis.

Implementing a consistent and thorough preventative maintenance routine, on a regular basis. Will keep your vehicle in tip top condition.

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