Introducing the Lexus LM: The Epitome of Luxury in MPVs

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– Lexus has introduced a new luxury MPV called the Lexus LM
– The LM is targeted towards the “hyper-affluent” market who value luxurious interiors and privacy
– The car offers easy access, spacious interiors, blinds, and cabin dividers for a private atmosphere
– The rise of aftermarket luxury conversions on existing MPVs suggests a growing demand for luxury MPVs
– The ultra-high-end luxury MPV market is expected to grow in the coming years

Take away:
The Lexus LM is stepping into the luxury MPV market, catering to the “hyper-affluent” individuals who prioritize luxurious interiors and privacy. With its spacious and private cabin, easy access, and advanced technology, the LM is set to meet the demands of this niche market. With the rise of aftermarket luxury conversions on existing MPVs, it seems like the luxury MPV sector is on the rise, indicating a potential growth area for the car industry. So, if you’re in the market for a van-like luxury mover, and you’re “hyper-affluent” enough, the Lexus LM might just be the car for you.
Original article:https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/lexus/lm

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