Mercedes Introduces Electric-Only Baby G-Class: A New Era for Rugged Crossovers

Mercedes-Benz to launch electric-only 'little G' SUV in 2026

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Mercedes to Introduce Electric-Only Baby G-Class

Mercedes expands G-Class range with a smaller, electric sibling

The Baby G-Class will give Mercedes a foothold in the popular rugged crossover market

Mercedes-Benz is set to launch a smaller version of its iconic G-Class, which will be developed as an electric-only model. The new addition comes as part of an expanded G range from Mercedes’ new specialist G division, following the upcoming launch of the Mercedes EQG. The baby G-Class will be built on its own platform, separate from the Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA) used for other entry-level cars. This decision was made to ensure the new model can offer true off-roading capability, a characteristic inherent to the G-Class. Technical chief Markus Schäfer confirmed that the baby G-Class will only be available as an electric vehicle, dismissing the possibility of offering hybrid options.

The new compact SUV will take design cues from the “iconic DNA” of the existing G-Class, according to Mercedes-Benz design chief Gorden Wagener. He assured that while the baby G-Class will have its own character, it will still resemble a G-Class. The launch of the new model is expected to solidify G as a standalone sub-brand for Mercedes, joining the ranks of Maybach and AMG.

The electric revolution continues within the Mercedes lineup, with the baby G-Class following the introduction of the electric Mercedes EQG. The EQG will use a reworked version of the G-Class’s chassis and will be powered by four electric motors. The baby G-Class, on the other hand, will sit on a different platform, using modules from Mercedes’ larger rear-driven cars to ensure its off-road capabilities remain uncompromised.

In terms of performance, the baby G-Class is likely to adopt an 800V electrical architecture, similar to the upcoming CLA. This will allow for rapid charging, with 248 miles of range being added in just 15 minutes using a 250kW charger. The compact SUV is also expected to feature a new type of electric motor developed in-house, offering a range of outputs suitable for different variants.

In summary, the introduction of the electric-only baby G-Class will give Mercedes a strong presence in the popular rugged crossover market. The model will be developed by Mercedes’ specialist G division and will be part of the expanded G range, following the launch of the Mercedes EQG. The baby G-Class will have its own unique design, yet still embody the iconic DNA of the existing G-Class. By establishing G as a sub-brand, Mercedes aims to further expand its top-end portfolio. The new model will be built on a separate platform to ensure its off-road capabilities remain true to the G-Class heritage. With an expected 800V electrical architecture and a range of output options, the baby G-Class is set to make a splash in the electric SUV market.
Original article:https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/mercedes-little-g-rugged-compact-4×4

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