The Morocco Mobility and Automotive Centre (MMAC): A New Affordable Testing Hub for Car Manufacturers

Millbrook operator's new Morocco test centre cuts R&D costs in half

## The Morocco Mobility and Automotive Centre (MMAC) has opened a new 1200-acre vehicle proving ground in North Africa.
– The MMAC is a joint venture between testing facility operator UTAC and engineering consultancy FEV.
– The site is expected to save car makers between 30% and 50% on new car testing costs.
– The MMAC is strategically located close to major manufacturers’ technical centres in Europe, taking advantage of reliable dry weather and low operating costs.
– The site features 18.6 miles of test track, eight workshops, and emissions labs.
– The MMAC is designed for endurance and durability testing, as well as engineering programs for internal combustion powertrains and electric vehicle components.

The Morocco Mobility and Automotive Centre (MMAC) has opened its doors to car manufacturers looking for an affordable and efficient vehicle proving ground. This 1200-acre facility, located in North Africa, is a joint venture between UTAC and FEV and aims to save car makers between 30% and 50% on testing costs for new cars. With its reliable dry weather and low operating costs, the MMAC is poised to become an important year-round testing hub for the automotive industry. Conveniently located close to major manufacturers’ technical centers in Europe, the MMAC offers a wide range of testing facilities, including 18.6 miles of test track, workshops, and emissions labs.

One of the main advantages of the MMAC is its low-cost operating structure. Designed with cost-efficiency in mind, the MMAC features 14 test tracks tailored for endurance and durability testing of volume-production cars. The highlight of the facility is a 2.6-mile high-speed track with a maximum “stabilized” speed of 100mph. This track is perfect for endurance testing, allowing car manufacturers to put their vehicles through their paces in real-world conditions. In addition to the high-speed track, the MMAC also offers a sinuous multi-corner road circuit, a coastdown track for gathering road load data, and other testing facilities for brake testing and simulating various driving conditions.

The MMAC presents an attractive alternative to high-investment testing labs like Millbrook’s battery testing facility. By focusing on low-cost operations, the MMAC allows manufacturers to save on labor costs, with testing programs potentially being reduced by 50%. Powertrain developer FEV has a large test lab at the site, equipped with various test rigs for comprehensive testing of components. Importantly, the MMAC has already attracted the attention of car-making giant Stellantis, with durability testing already underway at the facility.

While the MMAC doesn’t offer sustained high-speed running like the famous Nardò test track in Italy, it fills a different niche in the market. The MMAC’s low-cost operating base and versatile testing facilities make it an attractive option for car manufacturers looking to test and develop their vehicles at a more affordable price point. With a bright future ahead, the MMAC is poised to become a key player in the automotive industry, helping manufacturers operate more efficiently while ensuring the quality and performance of their vehicles.
Original article:https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/business-manufacturing/millbrook-operators-new-morocco-test-centre-cuts-rd-costs-half

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