What's the top five cars when learning to drive in 2023?

What's the top five cars when learning to drive

Find out which five cars are the best cars when someone is learning to drive in 2023

We were all a learner driver at some point, and everyone has to begin somewhere! With this in mind below are the five best used cars which someone can learn to drive in.


All have light controls, small enough engines allowing the learner driver to avoid excessively high insurance premiums, are relatively comfortable and last but not least; they are all easy to see out of. With those who are eco conscious and prefer to avoid the struggle of learning to drive with gears, then we have also covered non manual gearboxes.


The Ford Fiesta from 2009 onwards. Will allow you to avail of a lower annual motor tax bill. The sixth generation Fiesta from 2009 onwards is well equipped, there’s a good choice of engines, with the three cylinder turbocharged and non turbocharged models both being economical.


Nissan Leaf from 2011 onwards. The driving experience of an electric car is very similar to that of an automatic vehicle. So, an easy way to avoid learning clutch control, hill starts etc. Easy to drive and economical to run, whilst being environmentally friendly. However, they wouldn’t be suitable for a person needing to cover long distances. And with the cost of second hand vehicles at the moment, you might struggle to find one that isn’t overpriced.


Skoda Fabia Combi from 1999 to 2021 onwards. With all the benefits of a supermini. It has compact dimensions, low running costs, and the advantages of a much bigger car.


Toyota Yaris from 1999 onwards. For a learner driver the best models to look out for are from 2005 – 2013. With newer models from 2013 – 21. The yaris is a pretty reliable choice for a secondhand car. With the 1.0 and 1.3 litres models cheaper to run.


Fiat 500 from 2007 onwards. The Fiat 500 has been very popular with younger, less-experienced drivers since its launch in 2007, due to its low running costs, and retro styling. With an option to suit most budgets.

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