Toyota Expands and Electrifies Land Cruiser Line with Two New EVs

Toyota primes baby Land Cruiser to take on Defender

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# Toyota to Expand and Electrify Land Cruiser Line-Up with Two New EVs
– Toyota plans to introduce an affordable, urban-focused electric derivative and a range-topping luxury model as part of the Land Cruiser line-up.
– The new electric Land Cruisers will broaden the model line’s appeal by offering more affordable and luxurious options.
– The Compact Cruiser concept previews a smaller, more affordable electric SUV with a rugged design, targeting young city buyers.
– The Land Cruiser SE concept will be a larger, more luxurious electric SUV that is unrelated to previous off-road-focused Land Cruiser models.

Toyota is gearing up to expand and electrify its Land Cruiser line-up with two new electric vehicles (EVs). The move aims to establish the Land Cruiser brand as a standalone name and offer a wider range of options for consumers. The first model to arrive later this year is the new ‘core’ Land Cruiser, which will be available with diesel and mild-hybrid engine options. This is expected to be the last combustion-powered version of the Land Cruiser, which has been in production since 1951. Following this model, Toyota will introduce an affordable, urban-focused derivative and a range-topping luxury model, both in electric form.

The Toyota Compact Cruiser concept gives us a glimpse of the smaller, more affordable electric SUV that is currently in development. Designed to showcase how the Land Cruiser moniker can adapt to an all-electric and modern environment, the Compact Cruiser is aimed at young city buyers who enjoy active outdoor leisure activities. With its rugged design and compact size, it will serve as a stylish alternative to competitors like the upcoming ‘baby’ Land Rover Defender and the Mercedes’ ‘little’ G-Class. The concept’s blocky, upright proportions pay homage to its 1960s ancestor and the FJ Cruiser name, which may be revived for the production version.

On the other end of the Land Cruiser line-up will be the Land Cruiser SE, a larger and more luxurious electric SUV. Unlike previous Land Cruisers, the SE will have a totally different design and a road-focused approach. Toyota displayed the SE as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, alongside other EVs that will be part of its new range. The SE will be built on a ‘gigacasted’ chassis, which will improve manufacturing efficiencies and allow for different proportions on the same platform. Equipped with Toyota’s new ‘Performance’ prismatic battery, the SE is expected to offer a substantial range while still delivering the high-torque driving characteristics of an electric vehicle.

Toyota is committed to maintaining the core values of the Land Cruiser brand, even as it expands and electrifies the line-up. The company aims to make the Land Cruiser more affordable and within reach of a wider audience while enhancing the overall Land Cruiser experience. By introducing both an affordable, urban-focused electric SUV and a larger, more luxurious model, Toyota is offering options that cater to different customer preferences and needs.

In summary, Toyota is planning to expand and electrify its Land Cruiser line-up with two new EVs. The Compact Cruiser concept previews a smaller, more affordable electric SUV with a rugged design, while the Land Cruiser SE concept showcases a larger, more luxurious electric SUV. These new models will broaden the appeal of the Land Cruiser brand and offer a range of options for different customers. With its commitment to enhancing the Land Cruiser experience and exploring new approaches to mobility, Toyota aims to keep the Land Cruiser relevant and thriving into the future.
Original article:https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/toyota-primes-baby-land-cruiser-to-take-on-defender

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